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Organic Dried Pineapple Sugar Free (Osmotic)

dried fruits

Organic Dried Pineapple Sugar Free (Osmotic)

Organic Dried Pineapple Sugar Free (Osmotic)

Juicy with incredible taste! It contains a large amount of vitamin C, is an excellent source of nutrients, vitamins A, C, B6, B-carotene, and minerals such as copper, magnesium, calcium, manganese.
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Category: Dried fruits

Related categories: Nutrition, Sports nutrition

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The fruit due to its minerals, is carrying a protective role in various diseases such as (cancer) and cardio - circulatory system. It also has diuretic abilities and relieves intestinal disorders. Bromelain, blocks the production of substances causing inflammation in the body and helps to reduce swelling, caused by arthritis.

The pineapple is considered one of the best foods to fight cellulite, as it prevents the fluid retention.

Although pineapple helps in the digestive process, the dissolution of blood clots and is beneficial in the prevention of osteoporosis, prevents fractures, thanks to great content of manganese. It also has antibacterial, germicidal and mild estrogenic effect.

Store in a cool and shady place, during the summer in the refrigerator.

Nutritional elements per 100gr .:
Energy: 1310kj / 313kcal - Fats: 0.80gr. - Of which saturated: 0.10g - Carbohydrates: 70.30g. - Of which sugars: 70,30gr - F. fibers: 7,50gr. - Proteins: 2.50gr. - Salt: 0.03gr.

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