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Organic Greek aronia berries

dried fruits

Organic Greek aronia berries

Organic Greek aronia berries

The "berry of youth." If you are taking a handful of aronia berries every day, is believed to have a positive influence on your stomach, protecting you from problems and diseases of the digestive system, such as cancer of the colon. The high antioxidant levels also reduce blood clots and cardiovascular diseases.
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Category: Dried fruits

Related categories: Superfoods, Nutrition, Organic

Product code: 416-1962



Properties: The fruit is considered extremely beneficial for humans because:

- Normalizes blood pressure
- Helps stop hypertension 50ml juice three times a day. (Clinical tests)
- Prevents and treats a range of cardiovascular diseases
- Strengthens connective tissues
- Reduces the stress hormone levels
- Helps cancer therapy
- Has strong antioxidant activity
- Increases the vitality of the body, overcomes nervous disorders, and fatigue, stimulates the regeneration of the muscles and tissues, the formation of blood and metabolism
- Has Antiseptic properties: Powerful tool to fight the flu virus. High concentration of iodine benefits growth in children. Relieves bronchitis
- Is Beneficial for pregnant women, children, diabetics, athletes and patients undergoing complicated treatments
- Tackle the urinary tract infections
- It has anti-allergic effects: Used in gastritis, bleeding, anemia, rheumatism

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