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White pepper ground


White pepper ground

White pepper ground

The white pepper is exclusively the fruit of pepper. The outer bark is dark color it is removed, after the fruit macerated in water. Thereafter, the fruit is dried, and we have the well known white pepper, having a different flavor and aroma than black pepper. It is less aromatic, but with more and more aggressive bite of flavor.

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Uses of White Pepper in Chinese and Asian Cooking

Unlike other Szechuan dishes, where chilies play a prominent role, hot and sour soup gets its heat primarily from white pepper.

White pepper is often used in Vietnamese soups and pork dishes. Perhaps because if its use in these cuisines, some people associate its flavor with Asian food when they use it on scrambled eggs, for example. Here are more recipes that use white pepper for Chinese and Asian dishes.

Uses of White Pepper in Other Cuisines

White pepper is often used to add spice to white or light-colored foods where specks of black pepper would make a less attractive dish. It is used in creamed soups, vichyssoise, and clam chowder. It can be used with mashed or whipped potatoes. It can be used in white sauces, pasta salads, and seafood dishes.

White pepper is often used in Swedish dishes as well, such as Swedish meatballs with cream sauce. It is called vitpeppar in Swedish.

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