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Organic Greek Sea Buckthorn osmotic

dried fruits

Organic Greek Sea Buckthorn osmotic

Organic Greek Sea Buckthorn osmotic

The sea buckthorn (hippophae) is one of the oldest plants on earth. As a dietary supplement offers great medicinal properties. Tired and injured Horses of Alexander the Great ate the fruits of the buckthorn and recovered. It owes its name to the shiny coat that horses acquired after eating this fruit. Considered one of the most important superfoods with 190 precious substances.
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Category: Dried fruits

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Main property is that sea buckthorn is an excellent source of zeaxanthin characterized as one of the most powerful antioxidants.

The use of osmotic drying is done in order to improve quality while processing. As a result the product retains its flavor and nutritive values, has a longer life and prevent microbial spoilage.

Strengthens the immune system, regulates metabolism, provides antioxidant protection, gives energy and helps in faster recovery and healing of wounds. It also, protects against cardiovascular problems, strengthens the nervous system, detoxifies the body and helps in treating skin diseases. It contains more vitamin C than oranges and more essential for the body minerals and trace elements.

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