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How to make grean soap with Calendula-Chamomile

How to make grean soap with Calendula-Chamomile

What will we need:

2 plastic or wooden bowls

Various jugs or cups to measure the ingredients

Kitchen gloves (unlike us who get bored and burn ourselves)

Wooden spoon or stick blender

Wooden mold, plastic or silicone molds. The first 2 should be laid with grease-proof paper for you to disconnect the soap

Vinegar (if any soda or soap drops in your hands in vinegar will save you from any burn)

Ingredients for soap calendula-chamomile

1700 g. olive oil

300 gr. coconut oil

25g. beeswax

360g. water

269 ​g caustic soda NOH

12g. turmeric for color


300g. chamomile flower water

30g. calendula oil

70g. chamomile oil

15 ml chamomile essential oil (optional)


1. Weigh the water and add the soda. Mix well outdoors and let it cool.

2. Weigh beeswax and put it the coconut oil which below 25 degrees is buttery and put it in the fire to melt.

3. We have weighed the oil and pour in the wax and coconut.

4. When soda cools we put in the turmeric to be dissolved, we stir, the color becomes red....

5. Pour the soda into the oils

6. After a good stirring we add the rosewater

7. When the soap creates "traces"and starts creating bubbles which don't pop quickly, then add the oils of chamomile and calendula

8. Mix in the essential oil too

9. Put it in the molds and leave them like that for at least 24 hours before getting them out of the molds