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Small and useful health tips

Small and useful health tips

1) Footbath with 1 teaspoon soda 1 teaspoon coarse salt and 1 tablespoon green soap for nail fungus.

2) During a cold we put next to our bed a slice of onion with cinnamon to pull the microbes (ionizer).

3)In a bottle we put boiled chamomile and a spoonful of soda for itching and eczema (and on the delicate areas)

4) Do a black tea footbath every night for 20-30 days for fungi skin.

5) Echinacea in food like spice at the end of the boil (in filter) to take vitamin C (like 30 oranges) and enhances metabolism.

6)When someone falls doewn if his eyes are closed it means he fainted, so we raise his legs in a right angle in order the blood goes towards the head. If his eyes are open it means that he had a stroke so we hit the noise a little in order to get blood out or we hit with a needle a finger of the left arm except from the thumb (leads directly to the heart).

7) If your child puts something in his nose, make him inhale pepper, he will sneeze and get it out.

8)A young man was spraying the lawn with pesticides and wanted to check the level of the barrel to see how much of it was there left. He opened the cover and lit his lighter, and immediately he was wrapped with the flames from fumes of the pesticide. He jumped from the bed of the truck screaming. A neighbor, hearing the voices and seeing the incident ran from her house with a dozen eggs

shouting "bring me eggs!". She broke them, separating the whites from the yolk.Then she spread them on the face of the unlucky man. When the ambulance arrived and the paramedics saw the patient, they asked who did it. All pointed at the neighbor who had taken the initiative. They congratulated her and told "You saved his face". Towards the end of the summer the young man visited the neighbor with a bouquet of flowers. His face was like a small child's.Miraculous effect on burns. Remember this treatment for burns which is taught at young firefighters. First of spray cold water on the burned area to reduce the heat and the burning of the tissue stop. Then, spread egg whites on the burned area.