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Pu erh classic black tea


Pu erh classic black tea

Pu erh classic black tea

An alluring infusion with an almost coffee-like flavor, with rich consistency and good body that provide the base for a woody aroma and chocolaty overtones. A taste well worth acquiring.
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Category: Tea

Product code: 384-4214



It is considered a tonic and refreshing. It helps to detoxify the body and eliminate fatigue. The Pu erh was much appreciated because of the medical capabilities of the dynasty of Tang. After various studies that have shown that it has effect in reducing cholesterol, weight loss and better digestion

Despite the processing subject, black tea retains a sufficient amount of antioxidants, which shield the immune system. It can also reduce the levels of "stress hormone" (cortisol), and has studied and its positive effect on sufferers of Parkinson, and those who want to prevent.

Complete, end, and studies attribute positive effects against cancer, cholesterol, arthritis, poor oral hygiene and obesity. Note, however, that while the more black tea you drink, the greater the benefits, it contains the highest percentage of caffeine from all varieties of tea - but even so, it has only half the amount compared to coffee.

Origin: China


Loose leafs 1- 2 tsp

Water temperature 90 - 95 degrees

Time 3 minutes

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