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Suma root powder


Suma root powder

Suma root powder

The use of Suma Root leads to increased cardiorespiratory and muscle hypertrophy. For centuries it has been used in Latin America for wound healing, balancing blood sugar, strengthen muscles, relieve chronic pain and inflammation, an increase in libido and stimulate blood circulation.

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Category: Superfoods

Related categories: Nutrition, Sports nutrition

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Contains 152 useful elements good for the health and 19 amino acids. Used to stimulate the immune system and mobilizes the body to cope with seasonal depression, fatigue, chronic fatigue and lack of energy, helping the body to regain its overall wellness.

The Suma root is used worldwide by many athletes to enhance their performance (without the side effects of anabolic drugs). It is called the "Russian Secret" because was used by Russian Olympic athletes for muscle strengthening and enhancing their stamina naturally.

Doctors and herbalists in North and Latin America, and the countries of northern Europe, prescribe Suma root in cases such as chronic pain, sexual coldness in both sexes, low energy levels and hormonal disorders. It can be used as an aphrodisiac (along with powdered Maca as a natural substitute for Viagra), restoring sexual function in men and women.

There have been studies on the effect of root diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, bacterial infections and type II diabetes used against the symptoms of menopause, hormonal disorders (mainly estrogen) and premenstrual syndrome , benign prostate hyperplasia and peptic ulcers.

Dosing: 1 up to 1 ½ tsp. in water milk or juice after eating.

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