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Catuaba powder


Catuaba powder

Catuaba powder

Powder from the bark of Catuaba. The Catuaba, also known as "Tree of Love", grows in the forests of the Amazon. The first to use and appreciate the qualities of the tree was the Indian tribe Tupi, who used mainly as an aphrodisiac. Quickly discovered that the bark has much more health benefits, as it eliminates the pain, increases energy, improves memory, calms nerves and banishes depression.
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Category: Superfoods

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Today, this basic, natural aphrodisiac in Brazil, found in many health food stores around the world and is used as a stimulant of male libido but also couples with sexual problems more often due to the modern lifestyle, workload and stress.

Frequent use increases the intensity of orgasms. Due to the improvement of blood circulation which causes a better flow of blood to the penis has resulted in a stronger and longer in duration erection.

In Brazil and used to strengthen the male reproductive system. Acts against nervousness, weak memory, sciatica, insomnia and chronic fatigue. Strengthens the blood, liver and circulatory system. Helps mental focus and provides natural support for the immune system. Researches are beeing made for its antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

Dosage: 1 teaspoon dissolved in water or juice, better take it in the afternoon.

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