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Baharat Arabic Seasoning


Baharat Arabic Seasoning

Baharat Arabic Seasoning

Baharat, Arabic for “spice”, is a special an all-purpose spice blend widely used in Middle Eastern cuisine. Just a pinch of it adds depth and flavor to sauces, soups, grains, vegetables, stews and meat.
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Middle Eastern food is phenomenal. Those of you who have taken the time to explore the various cuisines of the Middle East will agree.

Unless you have a Middle Eastern store in your area or order it online, this spice blend can be challenging to find. However, as with any spice blend, it makes such a difference in the flavor outcome of your dish when you make it fresh in your own kitchen anyway, so I’m going to share my recipe for it with you!

Baharat means spices in Arabic, and this premium blend has a complex balance of spicy flavors.

Cooks in the Persian Gulf area often turn to the Baharat blend to add spice and a little heat to ground meat dishes, vegetables, vegetable stuffing, couscous, and Tunisian egg tagines. The flavorful and subtly exotic taste of this Arabic spice mix are great for MedRim style cooking, and a simple way to spice up plain dishes like rice and meatballs.

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