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Cold Pressed Sea Buckthorn Oil BIO Rapunzel (250ml)

natural oils

Cold Pressed Sea Buckthorn Oil BIO Rapunzel (250ml)

Cold Pressed Sea Buckthorn Oil BIO Rapunzel (250ml)

Rapunzel Cold Pressed Milk Thistle is a precious organic oil derived from the pressure extraction of milk thistle seeds. With a natural taste and characteristic aroma, it is the ideal choice for healthy cooking and nutrition. Suitable for baking, salads and other creative culinary uses.

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Category: Natural oils

Related categories: Nutrition, Organic

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Oil with excellent properties for health and taste. Derived from the cold pressing methodology, keeping the nutrients of the milk thistle seeds intact

Rich in vitamin E & Ω 6 derived from the cold pressing of milk thistle seeds.

It is ideal for salads, raw food and for homemade mayonnaise. According to the literature, it is considered the ideal oil that helps detoxify the liver.

It is used for loss of appetite and indigestion. and to treat colds, coughs, fevers, bacterial infections and diarrhea. It is also used as a diuretic to increase urine production and promote the flow of breast milk in new mothers.

Some people soak gauze in blessed thistle and apply it to the skin to treat wounds and ulcers.

A vegetable oil with a mild taste and mild aroma that can be added to salads and homemade dressings.

To be kept at room temperature and in a shady place.


  • Organic Origin: Product of organic farming without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Cold Pressed: The method ensures the preservation of natural aromas and nutrients.
  • Taste Experience: With intense flavor and fresh aroma that enhances every dish.
  • Nutritional Value: Rich in antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids for a healthy lifestyle.

Use: It is also eaten raw 1-2 tablespoons daily. Heat with care.

Cosmetic use:

~ Ideal for combination-oily skin.

~ Tightens the pores and cleans the skin.

~ It has strong anti-aging properties.

~ It acts against photoaging and protects against harmful radiation.

~ Hair strengthening (combined with almond oil).

Origin Germany.

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