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Indonesian Cinammon powder


Indonesian Cinammon powder

Indonesian Cinammon powder

The queen of spices. Comes from the rind of the eponymous tree . Removed in layers and then cut into small sticks. The bark is used in cooking , baking , making beverages , perfumery and medicine. it gives a distinctive aroma and flavor to dishes and desserts , but its benefits do not stop here.The cinnamon is an excellent source of manganese and iron . When combined with apple and orange , the fruit content of vitamin C maximizes the absorption of iron from the body.
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Many chefs claim that gives a special flavor in lemon flavored meats , but also in cooked meals with orange or other citrus fruits.
Combines well with cloves , cardamom , coriander , nutmeg . Such an oriental blend fits all minced meat, whether it is a bolognese sauce mix or burgers , kebabs , meatballs...
It is a favorite spice of confectionery fit all sweets containing nuts , syrups, perfumes for griddle cakes , but also cakes .


Research has shown that it acts against bad cholesterol, it has warming , antiseptic , anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties and combats convulsions. Thanks to cinnamic aldehyde , cinnamon ' reduces high blood pressure and fever and has analgesic activity. Another very important benefit is that it relates to type 2 diabete. Helps in cases of bloating and indigestion and is a rich source of magnesium , an ingredient necessary for bone density.

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