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Hawaiian Red Salt


Hawaiian Red Salt

Hawaiian Red Salt

The Red Hawaiian Salt, is a legendary medicinal clay gifted with healing benefits. Derived from volcanic lava and becomes this intense terracotta color by mixing the clay, which comes from the volcano. It is a pure rock salt, which is not subjected to purification procedures without adding preservatives. It is used in cooking and is considered the most beneficial salt detox diets.
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It is very special and delicious and match with all grilled meats and especially with the pork chops. Enriches both cold and hot salads with nice flavor and crisp texture.

Contains calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron. The red color comes from the extremely high amount of iron in the clay. It is considered that contains 80 different natural minerals. The Native Hawaiian used to stop bleeding from wounds and minor injuries, but as a preservative for food. Women increased their consumption when arrived at the age of menopause to ease symptoms at initiation.

The nutrients of red alaea salt, often found in facial masks and salt scrubs, can be absorbed through the skin to eliminate toxins and promote a smooth, healthy complexion.

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