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Greek Saffron from Kozani bulk


Greek Saffron from Kozani bulk
Krokos kozanis xyma greek saffron
Krokos kozanis loyloydi safron greek

Greek Saffron from Kozani bulk

Saffron, like spice, adds to the food its thin aroma, spicy taste and beautiful yellow color. Particularly suited to rice, pasta, sauces, chicken, soups, lamb, potatoes, beans, pastries & cakes, ice cream.
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Category: Spices

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The philosophy of use of saffron, resembles to the philosophy of an expensive perfume:

Used in the quantity as specified in the recipe, otherwise alters the taste of food. It is soaked in a cup of water 1 hour before cooking and added to the food, either together with water or water alone after it is strained.

Coloring, flavoring and pharmaceutical properties of the safran is due to two basic (active) ingredients, the picrocrocin and crocin and especially in those parts where they are not sweet. Other ingredients of saffron are the lycopene, zeaxanthin, alpha-carotene in b and c, vitamin B and B2, carbohydrates and essential oil.

Safran has many and various uses. Used in pharmaceutical, confectionery, baking, cheese, pasta, beverages and even painting. The Byzantine painters used it very often.

In traditional medicine used as abjusting period, stomachic disorders, antispasmodic and as a stimulant. Since many experts argued that soothes aching kidneys, in small doses, stimulates appetite and mainly facilitate digestion. Even limiting abdominal pain, the hysterics, spasms, whooping coughing and nervous colic pain. Externally used to cure acne, inflammation and disease mainly of the cheast..

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