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Cubeb Pepper


Cubeb Pepper

Cubeb Pepper

Sour and spicy Indonesian pepper. Some people believe, that its taste is a combination of pepper flavor and taste of allspice.

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Category: Spices

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They can be blended with black, white and green peppercorns in a mill or added to dishes instead of conventional pepper.

Arab doctors first recognized the healing effects of cubeb pepper in the 9th century and brought these small round pepper berries to Europe

Cubeb pepper draws on a long history as a medicinal plant. Like many herbal remedies, used for centuries in monastic medicine, experience traces over millennia, with centuries of careful records preserved by monks and nuns. Much of Hildegard of Bingen’s writings on healing result from vast experience, assembled over centuries to create the body of medieval medical treatments.

Separately, in Traditional Chinese Medicine Cubeb pepper associates, along with other spices, as a part of an aphrodisiac, later considered an “Oriental Happiness Pills”.

Cubeb pepper is mainly known to address minor symptoms of inflammation, particularly of the urinary tract.

are also used to treat gastritis or to strengthen the gastrointestinal tract. Cubeb pepper promotes digestive activity by stimulating salivation and the production of gastric juices. Cubeb is especially potent after eating high-fat and hard to digest meals.

Used as a homeopathic remedy, it helps patients with severe flatulence and upset digestion.

For respiratory conditions and chronic bronchitis

Indian folk medicine (Ayurveda) recognizes the mucus-dissolving properties of this age-old medicinal plant. Cubeb pepper remains in active use in Ayurveda today as a cough-suppressant for mild bronchitis, nagging cough, and generally to address respiratory symptoms.

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