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Cretan Fleur de sel


Cretan Fleur de sel

Cretan Fleur de sel

Fleur de sel is considered to be the best salt. It is formed in natural cavities of the rocks, from the sea ​​waves, which after filling these small or big salt marshes, the sun will come to evaporate the sea water and form on top of them salt flakes. It has a natural blinding white color, an airy salinity that cannot be compared with no other kind of salt, as it is enriched with trace elements, metals and iodine.
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Category: Spices

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The natural sea salt is harvested by hand from the rocks from the area of kalos Limenas in Southern Crete and from Kissamos, Chania. Then it is dried in the sun and cleaned of foreign matter by hand.

Fleur de sel is in a crude form and untreated, giving our body the ability to absorb these minerals and metals.

At the same time, it offers us a culinary delight, as it completes the puzzle of our meal or salad, giving sound, color, taste and stimulating the taste buds of our palates.

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