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Black Pyramid Sea Salt Flakes


Black Pyramid Sea Salt Flakes

Black Pyramid Sea Salt Flakes

Rich in minerals already mixed with organic activated carbon. It helps remove toxic substances from our body and gives excellent taste to food. Sea salt with natural pyramid formation.
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It is definitely one of the strangest salts in the world. It is made with the purest ingredients, Sea salt flakes from Cyprus with excellent quality activated carbon

~ No artificial colors or flavors.

~ Great gift for the foodie.

These precious black pyramid-shaped crystals from Cyprus can add appearance and taste and transform a simple dish into a gourmet one.

The sea salt flakes from Cyprus are white flakes with the addition of active carbon with an impressive appearance and mild taste.

Activated charcoal is a natural ingredient that aids in detoxification and the digestive system.

Thin, crisp, pyramid-shaped crystals are striking on all types of lighter-colored foods.

Use as a finishing salt after cooking, just before serving.

Use it like the Chefs do to accentuate the flavor and enhance the appearance of your dish. Try it on any white-fleshed fish, tomato-mozzarella salad, roasted sweet root vegetables or creamy white sauces for an impressive presentation.

It can also be used in our privatye space, because it is said to collect negative energy.

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