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Cinnamon essential oil (Naturol Aromatherapy 10ml)

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Cinnamon essential oil (Naturol Aromatherapy 10ml)

Cinnamon essential oil (Naturol Aromatherapy 10ml)

Cinnamon essential oil has a warm spicy smell and is used especially to give warmth, sooth pain, help blood circulate better and strengthen the immune system. Enhances memory and strengthens brain function. Acts as an aphrodisiac and often combined with patchouli to create an erotic atmosphere.
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Category: Essential oils

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Essential oil with heating, antirheumatic properties. For pain relief, add 20 drops in 100ml in almond oil or St john's wort oil or Arnica oil and masage on to the desired locations.

For Cellulite: Good to cause congestion. Add 1-3 drops in your bath sponge and massage in the desired area. Can be combined with sage putting 2 drops of cinnamon and 2 drops of sage. Then you can make a mask with green clay for 10-15 minutes (take a tablespoon of clay for each leg and mix it with water), after rinsing for even better results you can spread cellulite massage oil or cream on your legs.

Highly aromatic for the winter period. Combined well with the essential oil of orange. You can also make a nice atmosphere in your room, especially for smokers, by adding a few drops of this blend in a burner.

Do not use on the skin undiluted.

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