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Sheep Sorrel Herb (Rumex acetosella)


Sheep Sorrel Herb (Rumex acetosella)

Sheep Sorrel Herb (Rumex acetosella)

The sorrel is considered astringent, diuretic and laxative. Oxygenate tissues and supports the immune system. All airy parts are used, as they contain several antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is tonic for bile due to phytoestrogens and has anti-inflammatory properties.
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Category: Herbs

Product code: 204-1998



Combined with gentian root, elder flower and verbena used to maintain healthy sinuses and treatment of sinusitis (in 14 days improves the symptoms of sinusitis, such as congestion and headache).

Due to the high content of quercetin also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

The root of sorrel has the ability to absorb iron from the soil so it is considered from the Middle Ages that acts against anemia. It also contains sulfur, phosphorus, roumikini and sorrel acid.

The leaves contain a large amount of oxalic acid. It is diuretic,antipyretic, tonic and purifies the body, .

Considered a herb with excellent pharmaceutical properties particularly for those suffering from hemorrhoids, anemia, dysentery, jaundice, or tuberculosis.

The sorrel is one of the 8 herbs containing in Flor Essence. The sorrel along with burdock, the elm, watercress, red clover, the agiagkatho, seaweed and rhubarb in precise predetermined ratios, consolidated into a completely new substance, one enhances the benefits of the other and create a strong synergistic effect.

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