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Organic chlorella powder


Organic chlorella powder

Organic chlorella powder

Chlorophyll contained in the chlorella not only helps us to set a strong foundation for longevity but also has the ability to remove from our body toxins and helps the natural detoxification.

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It is the most studied and most popular algae worldwide thus there are thousands of research into chlorella from journals and universities who all identify the beneficial effects of chlorellas health of modern man.

Chlorella detoxifies the body by "locking" the harmful metals (such as chromium, zinc, mercury, lead, associations), which are then eliminated naturally by the intestine.

It may protect you against eye diseases such as macular degeneration due to the content of lutein. The abundance of chlorophyll facilitates digestion and makes any constipation problems disappear. It also gives the immune system a boost by helping to balance the pH levels making your body less acidic.

Considered one of the best natural remedies to support liver health.

Recent research on Chlorella study the benefits of pregnant women to improve the anemia and hypertension due to pregnancy. Also, new research has focused on whether the antioxidants may be helpful to smokers to fight some of the negative effects of smoking.

Did you know?
~ Chlorella is believed to be one of the oldest foods on earth and it is
one of the most heavily researched foods on the planet today.
~ The Russians used chlorella to help protect people against the
effects of radiation after the Chernobyl disaster.

Dosage: Dissolve 1 to 2 teaspoons in a glass of water, juice or smoothie


~ Helps in alkaline balance pH of body tissues.
~ Removes alcohol from the liver.
~ Acts against body malodor
~ It helps in weight loss.
~ Improves digestion and facilitates the body to recruit nutrients.
~ Detoxifies the digestive system helping to fight constipation.

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