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Fenugreek seeds


Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds

Acts as an expectorant, emollient, tonic and helps breast milk productivity. It is useful for the local treatment and reduction of inflammation in conditions such as wounds, furuncles, inflamed wounds, fistulas and tumors.
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Category: Spices

Related categories: Herbs

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It can help in bronchitis and gargle to relieve a sore throught. The bitter taste of explaining the use of the digestive disorders and reduction of blood sugar. If we want to improve the bitter taste of the beverage can add fennel or anise.

Fenugreek seeds contain 30% mucous substances (galactomannans), a steroidal saponin, cholinini, a volatile oil with a strong smell, a viscous oil, 27% protein and vitamins A, B and C.

It is one of the four ingredients that make up the shell of pastrami (oil, pepper, paprika) and what gives the pastrami its characteristic flavor. Main functional feature is the maintenance of meat and yet protects the consumer from potential poisoning.

It is used to season vegetable salads in Ethiopian and Egyptian dishes, and it is an essencial ingredient in various spice blends, especially in curries.

It is also used for the preparation of pickles, while in Greek cuisine used in stews and burgers.

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