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Honey spread with peanut paste (250g)


Honey spread with peanut paste (250g)
Aleima meliou me pasta fustikiou samaria 250gr
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Honey spread with peanut paste (250g)

Honey is considered to have tonic and antiseptic properties and is also recommended for the prevention - treatment of infectious, digestive and respiratory diseases. At the same time, it is rich in copper and boron. Peanut paste spread is a sweet treat without sugar to enrich your product.

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Category: Spreads - Nut Butters

Related categories: Nutrition, Delicatessen

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Honey Spread with Hazelnut Paste combines the natural sweetness of honey with the refined taste of hazelnut. This delicious composition consists of 80% pine honey and thyme, while the remaining 20% consists of quality pistachio paste.

Honey gives energy to the muscles, clarity to the mind, disinfects and regulates the digestive system. Its regular use gives vigor to the body and contributes to prolonging life. Hippocrates and all the doctors of antiquity recommended it as a medicine in many cases.

Honey and child: after mother's milk, honey is the one that has a beneficial effect on the child's development. It protects his teeth, disinfects the oral cavity, increases blood cells and the percentage of hemoglobin resulting in the treatment of anemia, helps in better absorption of calcium, good functioning of the stomach and intestines, makes children strong. Teaching our child to eat honey and not sugar, one could say is an act of love.

Honey and sports: in ancient times, before entering the track, athletes took honey, because they considered it rejuvenating for the body. But even today it is a basic element of the diet of sportsmen and women.


Healthy Composition: It is a healthy choice, without preservatives, palm oil or added sugar. The 80% pine and thyme honey offers nutritional benefits for our body.

Sweetness of Honey: Honey, with its natural properties, gives the product a natural sweetness without adding more sugar for a delightful breakfast.

Food for Energy: Ideal as a quick snack or enriching our breakfast by offering energy and nutrients.

Make your daily diet delicious and healthy with the Honey Spread with Pistachio Paste, the ideal companion for taste pleasure.

Nutritional value per 100g

Energy value: 1654kJ/392kcal, Fat: 10g of which saturated 1.6g, Carbohydrates: 69g of which Sugar 45g, Edible fiber: 2g, Protein: 5.6g, Salt: 0.04g.

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