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Ereiki Axion Esti Organic Honey 450gr


Ereiki Axion Esti Organic Honey 450gr

Ereiki Axion Esti Organic Honey 450gr

Axion Este company's fir honey has a mildly sweet taste with hints of caramel and an aroma reminiscent of forest and flowers.

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Category: Delicatessen

Related categories: Nutrition, Spreads - Nut Butters

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The organic fir honey "Axion Esti" is collected by bees in the fertile fir forests of Mainalo, at an altitude of 2000m.

There nature flourishes and the bee selects and creates the fine vanilla fir honey with golden color and pearl highlights, combined with a variety of herbs. This honey is unique in the whole world. As it is low in sugar, its taste is sub-sweet. Its nutritional and biological value is very high since it is a honey rich in trace elements. It also has antiseptic, diuretic and . It is the first honey recognized in the Protected Designations of Origin and does not crystallize. It is rich in trace elements and contains a lot of vitamins

Small amounts. It is a certified organic cultivation product where antibiotics have not been used.

Honey gives energy to the muscles, clarity to the mind, disinfects and regulates the digestive system. Its regular use gives vigor to the body and contributes to prolonging life. Hippocrates and all the doctors of antiquity recommended it as a medicine in many cases.

Honey and child: after mother's milk, honey is the one that has a beneficial effect on the child's development. It protects his teeth, disinfects the oral cavity, increases blood cells and the percentage of hemoglobin resulting in the treatment of anemia, helps in better absorption of calcium, good functioning of the stomach and intestines, makes children strong. Teaching our child to eat honey and not sugar, one could say is an act of love.

Honey and sports: in ancient times, before entering the track, athletes took honey, because they considered it rejuvenating for the body. But even today it is a basic element of the diet of sportsmen and women.

For safety reasons, outside of Crete we ship it in a stainless steel box suitable for food.

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