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Organic Oats Gluten Free


Organic Oats Gluten Free

Organic Oats Gluten Free

They’re a good source of fiber, trace minerals and even plant-based protein. Like all whole grains, oats even contain some healthy fatty acids since they retain their entire germ, endosperm and bran, which is where not only nutrients are stored, but also small amounts of essential fats.

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Oats —which come from the plant with the scientific name Avena sativa — are a type of common whole-grain cereal grain grown for its seeds. Oats have been eaten for thousands of years, and in addition to providing important nutrients to growing populations, they’ve also historically been important for feeding livestock.

Evidence shows the wild oats first grew in the Fertile Crescent of the Near East centuries ago, although humans didn’t domesticate oats until the Bronze Age in Europe. For many years, oat grass was even used for medicinal purposes, including to help balance a women’s menstrual cycle, as an osteoporosis natural remedy and a home remedy for urinary tract infections.

The oat flakes - are an excellent food that should not be missing from your daily diet! Oats are composed mainly of carbohydrates, so it is an excellent source of energy for our body. But contains a small amount of protein, and good fats. It is also rich in fiber with multiple health benefits.

They contain large amounts of B vitamins, which are very important for our health. Oats contains vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamine, and calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. It also contains a smaller amount of vitamin C, folic acid and potassium.

Food rich in fiber, oats recommended to be combined with adequate daily water consumption.
Can be combined with milk, yogurt, berries, nuts and cinnamon for a complete nutritious breakfast, ready in less than 5 minutes. Click here to find a recipe for a breakfast when added to your diet can really help in fat loss.
Oats end is a food rich in fiber, and so helps to lower cholesterol by reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Health Benefits using in your daily diet:

1. Cholesterol: Cholesterol is responsible for a variety of cardiovascular diseases and is one of the biggest enemies of our hearts. Soluble fiber containing abundant flakes oats, have the capacity to bind and remove bad cholesterol, without lowering levels of good

2. Cancer: Oat flakes, like other cereals and vegetables contain a number of phytochemical substances. Many phytochemicals are known to help reduce the risk of cancer. Also, the high fiber consumption is directly linked to reducing the risk of cancer related to hormonal disorders, such as cancer of the breast, ovary, uterus, and prostate cancer in men.

3. Diabetes: Oat consumption helps slow and gradual increase blood sugar levels. This control of sugar levels and insulin levels, prevents many complications associated with diabetes mellitus. Also, the slow rise in blood sugar levels, achieved control of our appetites, as our energy levels remain stable and helps us feel full. Thus, we can more easily control our weight.

4. Digestive system: The high content of oat fiber helps in good bowel function and fights constipation.

5. Blood pressure: Scientific studies have shown that daily consumption of one serving of oats, helps fight hypertension and effectively lowers blood pressure.

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