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Zea Flour (Organic) (Triticum dicoccum) (1kg)


Zea Flour (Organic) (Triticum dicoccum) (1kg)

Zea Flour (Organic) (Triticum dicoccum) (1kg)

Zea is high in protein, fiber and minerals. It helps in the absorption of nutrients, suppress chronic inflammation and is thought to prevent the growth and metastasis of cancer. Contains basic amino acid lysine (Lycin) that enhances the immune system and is a key element in the biochemical function of the brain. Due to the large amount of magnesium makes the products produced from it more digestible. The products from Zea is admittedly more palatable and certainly more nutritious.
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Category: Confectionery

Related categories: Nutrition, Dukan - Keto - Paleo diets

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Zeia or Zea was a key ingredient in the diet of the ancient Greeks. The Greeks did not eat bread made from wheat, they would rather give to the animals. They ate bread Zea or Barley. Only in great need ate barley mixed with wheat.

Some argue that the depictions of the goddess Dimitra do not show wheat, but Zeia. The ancient Egyptians also highly appreciated "the graces" of this grain, since according to Herodotus were manufacturing bread exclusively from Zea. The Alexander fed his army with Zea, to be men of healthy and spiritually developed.


Combine flour Zea with linseed for extremely healthy fermenters creations.

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