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Bamboo fiber flour Gluten free


Bamboo fiber flour Gluten free

Bamboo fiber flour Gluten free

The bamboo fibre is not just a dietary fibre but a gluten free flour alternative which brings you high benefits.

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Category: Confectionery

Related categories: Nutrition, Gluten Free, Dukan - Keto - Paleo diets

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You can use this bamboo fibre in your usual recipes as an additional dietary fibre – flour. Furthermore, what you bake will have the perfect texture. For example, a roll will be soft on the inside but crispy on the outside if you enhance your recipe with bamboo flour.
The health benefits of bamboo fibre:

~ you can include it in your weight-loss diet as it helps you get full quicker. Thanks to the high dietary fibre content, your stomach will feel full faster.
~ phytosterols and phytonutrients found in the bamboo flour can lower your bad cholesterol and balance your cholesterol levels
~ the nutrients inside can help you prevent cancer. The properties of the nutrients can control the mutation of the cells.
~ keeps your bowel movement under control and helps you overcome digestion issues. This also helps you lose weight.

Nutrition details in 100g: Energy 783 kJ (196 kcal) / fat: 0.5 g – of which saturated fatty acids 0 g / Carbohydrate: 0.5 g – of which sugars 0 g / Fiber 98 g / Protein 0.2 g / so 0.05 g

Ultra fine pure fiber flour for your healthy gluten free low carb & keto kitchen! For dusting, coating, rolling, baking and light thickening.

~ 100 % tasteless
~ Only fiber, no carbs
~ allergen free
~ ultra fine powder
~ non-stick powder for low carb baking
~ temperature stable
~ perfect for making low carb Pizza and Wraps!
~ highly efficient
~ gluten free

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