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Lily of the valley leaves (Comvallaria mazalis)


Lily of the valley leaves (Comvallaria mazalis)

Lily of the valley leaves (Comvallaria mazalis)

Comvallaria mazalis is perhaps the most valuable heart remedy used by herbalists today. It can be used to treat heart failure and fluid retention, when it is related to heart problems. Helps the body when there is dyspnea due to congestive heart conditions. Stimulates contractions and improves cardiac performance and is useful for weak and failing heart of the elderly.

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It should be combined with a diuretic herb like Dandelion or tonics such as Hawthorn and Ginkgo Biloba, depending on the cause of the disease.

Lily of the valley leaves is a herb that we take with caution and only under the supervision of an expert. High doses cause vomiting and without limitation, the maximum safe dose in the UK is up to 1 ml of tincture a day or half a teaspoon as infusion.

The cardiac glycosides existing in the herb is a group of chemicals that exist in those herbs which are used as remedies for the treatment of heart. These complex of chemical compounds have the ability to stimulate the heart muscle, in a way that enhances contraction and ensure pumping more blood throughout the body. This increases the efficiency of the heart, while thanks to the function of these compounds, respectively, and not increasing the oxygen needed by the heart muscle for its function, and thus does not create the problem of deficiency of oxygen.

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