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Darjeeling Limited F.T.G.F.O.P.


Darjeeling Limited F.T.G.F.O.P.

Darjeeling Limited F.T.G.F.O.P.

Combination of authentic Darjeeling teas specifications TGFOP. For quality leaf extract and tea of Darjeeling has established an international nomenclature with the following initials: S, F, T, G, F, O, P, which mean: The S, original word supreme (excellent) determines the color and extract. The initial F, T, G, mean F, fancy (very nice, fantastic) T, tippy (from tops) G, golden (golden) and identify the quality of the leaves collected. That is, the top, the card has not opened yet and is covered by a golden or silver cloth. The F, flowery (aromatic) identifies the characteristics that have a strong aroma.
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Category: Tea

Product code: 387-4246



Served as a pleasant morning or afternoon tea.

Origin India


Loose leafs 1 - 2 tsp

Water temperature 90 - 95 degrees

Time 3 - 5 minutes

Black tea retains a sufficient amount of antioxidants, which shield the immune system. It can also reduce the levels of "stress hormone" (cortisol), and has been studied for its positive effect on Parkinson disease , and those who want to prevent it.

Studies attribute positive effects against cancer, cholesterol, arthritis, oral hygiene and obesity. Note, however, that while the more black tea you drink, the greater the benefits, it contains the highest percentage of caffeine from all varieties of tea - but even so, it has only half the amount compared to coffee.

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