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Organic Quinoa tricolour


Organic Quinoa tricolour

Organic Quinoa tricolour

Quinoa is customary to become a dietary supplement and be a major component in diets to lose weight or for the treatment against cholesterol, diabetes and sugar.

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Category: Superfoods

Related categories: Nutrition, Sports nutrition, Gluten Free, Organic

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Quinoa contains more protein than any other grain, is very rich in fibers, minerals, trace elements, complex B vitamins, potassium, iron and zinc. The nutritional value of quinoa seeds approaches the red meat and milk in protein value, with much lower fat content than these foods and more valuable fibers.

It is described as one of the healthiest foods with high nutritional value and it is concidered as a superfood. The key ingredient is that it provides all 9 essential amino acids for the body and is characterized as a high biological value food.

Today is highly appreciated for its nutritional value and the United Nations have classified as a superfood for its high protein content (13%).

Gluten free and easily digested.

Preparation: Quinoa can be cooked like rice and couscous. You must first dip in hot water for five minutes and then to rinse well under running water. Rinsing is necessary because the peel of quinoa containing a bitter iongredient (saponiner) which can be bitter, but not dangerous. Due saponiner not recommended as a food of very young children.

Quinoa can join the daily diet in various ways:
- Cooked like rice
- In breakfast (boiled with milk, honey and cinnamon)
- Use it as flour in biscuits, cakes and pies
- Into various soups
- Add into salads
- Can be combined with pulses

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