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Vanilla Beans - Madagascar (1 pcs)


Vanilla Beans - Madagascar (1 pcs)

Vanilla Beans - Madagascar (1 pcs)

Vanilla, the queen of aromas. Use the vanilla in pastry concoctions like ice creams, creams, mousse and various sweet pastries such as cakes and cookies.
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Category: Spices

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Vanilla is an indispensable flavoring for sweet foods. It is a member of the orchid family, and pantry staple across the globe, creme brulee, custard, and ice cream wouldn’t be the same without it.

Put the pod onto cutting board and with the tip of a sharp knife to carve along and open it in two. With a spoon or the back side of the knife, "scrape" the inside of the pressing gently to get all the tiny brown seeds inside of. Those, you can use them in your sweet creations.

Bourbon vanilla typically refers to Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.

It is grown on the island of Madagascar, which is located off of the southeast coast of Africa and no actual bourbon whiskey is involved. Instead, the term Bourbon comes an earlier colonial-era appellation of Réunion island (i.e., Île Bourbon).

Madagascar produces some 75% of the world's vanilla crop.

Other regions that traditionally grow vanilla are Mexico's state of Veracruz (the place of its origin) and the tropical island of Tahiti.

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