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Cardamom, Whole Seeds


Cardamom, Whole Seeds
Cardamom seeds xwris kelyfos
Cardamom seeds 500x500

Cardamom, Whole Seeds

Cardamom is a popular flavor in Indian curries, Middle Eastern stews and rice dishes, and Scandinavian baking. Since black cardamom seeds lose flavor quickly once ground, many people prefer to buy whole cardamom seeds and grind only the amount needed for a recipe. These seeds have been conveniently decorticated, making them easy to grind in a mortar and pestle or spice mill.
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Cardamom, which is known in Greek as ''Kakoules'' considered after saffron, black truffle and vanilla, the fourth largest most expensive spice in the world. The ancient Egyptians chewed the seeds to freshen their breath, while the Greeks and Romans used it as a perfume. In Arab countries put it also in coffee to achieve better taste and it is considered as a symbol of friendly mood.


The watercress is rich in vitamin C, it is a detoxifying, diuretic and anthelmintic herb that soothes rheumatic pains, and helps in the treatment of catarrh. Is still used for the treatment of diabetes, as blood purifier and stimulates the liver. Can be used for dyspepsia and alleviating colic pains.

It is an excellent digestive and helps reduce freckles and age skin spots, while it is good to avoid during pregnancy because it has been used as an abortifacient.

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