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Ready® Sports drink Berry Lemonade (500ml)

Ready® Sports Drink is scientifically formulated using the perfect blend of super fruits for energy and three predominant electrolytes for hydration. The plant-based nutrients from super fruits, along with B vitamins lead to high performance without interruption, without the "added sugars" found in other sports drin

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Giannis Antetokounmpo: I've been enjoying the benefits of Ready® Water for almost two years and I really like the product. More and more each year, I realize how important the right nutritional products can be in elevating my performance. Ready® Sports Drink, provides me with the most functional energy and hydration I need to train and play hard all day, every day! I LOVE the Ready mindset, meeting your challenges, focusing on what you can control and finding a way to achieve your goals. It describes my story perfectly. Now with Ready Sports Drink off brand, I look forward to continuing to work hard and be involved with Ready and its mission to help athletes achieve their goals.

~ Super Fruit Energy Source

~ B-Vitamins

~ Three dominant electrolytes

~ Antioxidants and Phytonutrients

~ Natural product

~ Gluten free

No added sugar. We use super fruits, real food carbohydrates, B vitamins and three predominant electrolytes for complete hydration.

Super Fruit Blend provides a natural combination of sugars (or simple carbohydrates) that the body can easily absorb and quickly be absorbed by the muscles to activate and maintain muscle contraction during exercise. Super fruits contain Polyphenols, which are powerful plant-based anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients that reduce inflammation and stress caused during exercise. Polyphenols may also play a role in promoting increased blood flow to exercising muscles.

No added sugars: Just because a product is marketed as "Natural" does not necessarily mean it is healthy or beneficial to consume. White or cane sugar are "natural" but are processed sugars added to many sports drinks. Sports Drink Ready® contains no added sugars, while most commercial sports drinks contain 48 grams or more per . serving of "Added Sugars". The fruit sugars in Ready ® Sports Drink are healthier and offer higher nutritional value than processed added sugars such as cane sugar, dextrose and high fructose corn syrup.

Dominant electrolyte blend: The Ready® electrolyte blend was developed to proportionally replace electrolytes lost in sweat by focusing on sodium and chloride in higher amounts, with slightly less Potassium to promote optimal hydration. Sodium and chloride are the 2 minerals lost in the sweat in greatest concentration, followed by Potassium to a lesser extent. It is important to replace electrolytes in the amounts lost in sweat to help maintain normal balance (homeostasis), prevent muscle cramps and improve hydration.

B Vitamins for Energy. B vitamins help release energy from carbohydrates and fats in the diet so that the muscle can use it for energy. B vitamins are also necessary for the production of red blood cells, which are essential for transporting oxygen and nutrients to exercising muscles.

Lemon berry flavor

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