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Greek Spirulina from Serres (Organic) (Iodine Free) (400mg)


Greek Spirulina from Serres (Organic) (Iodine Free) (400mg)

Greek Spirulina from Serres (Organic) (Iodine Free) (400mg)

The beneficial properties of spirulina are due to the fact that it is rich in nutrients such as high biological value protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is a perfect food supplement and is the ideal product for a proper diet.

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Category: Nutrition

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People suffering from thyroid should consume spirulina without iodine, consultinf their physician.

Adults can consume (2-4 tablets) daily with water, juice or milk. Children are recommended to consume (2-3 tablets).
Recommended consumption of spirulina is, in the morning and early afternoon.

People who consume Spirulina for the first time or had stopped using for a long time, it is recommended the first few days to use up to 1.5 g. spirulina - 3 tablets; and gradually increase your daily intake to 3 grams.


Spirulina is best kept in a dry and cool environment and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 40 ° C because it contains heat-sensitive nutrients such as vitamins. For the same reason must be consumed raw (to avoid cooking or boiling).

Particularly draw your attention

Forbidden to take spirulina in people suffering from:

~ Phenylketonuria
~ Disease Crohn (in boom periods)
~ Ulcerative colitis (in boom periods)
~ Renal insufficiency

Some of the beneficial properties of spirulina are:

High levels of energy and endurance Boosting the immune system better performance in work and study

Enhances concentration

Improves performance

Keeps alert

Athletic Activity

Best performance

Restoring the body after intense physical exercise and stress

Spirulina, a 100% natural product, it contains suspicious or prohibited synthetic substances

An excellent source of bioavailable iron

Strengthening the female body during menstruation and menopause.

Healthy skin, thick hair.

100% natural slimming aid, as containing in concentrated form broad spectrum nutrients, replenishes deficiencies that may be created in the body without being charged extra calories

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