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Goji berries


Goji berries

Goji berries

This plant which gives the valuable goji berry grows in remote regions of China, Tibet and Mongolia. For centuries it has been used by the Tibetan and Chinese traditional medicine for its pharmaceutical, nutritional and anti-aging properties.

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Category: Dried fruits

Related categories: Superfoods, Nutrition, Sports nutrition, Dukan - Keto - Paleo diets

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Origin of Tibet

Dried Goji Berries rejuvenate and energizes the body.
It is one of the top superfoods in the 21st century.

It has a high concentration of antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, more vitamin C than oranges, more beta carotene than carrots and more iron than meat. It is therefore one of the most nutritious fruits on earth, essential to any organization.

With 10 times more antioxidants than red grapes and 10 to 30 times more anthocyanins than red wine, goji berries combat premature aging, fatigue and stimulate the body's immune system extremely.

Also helps prevent heart disease, protects the skin from sunlight and free radicals, prevents liver damage, supports kidney function, burns fat and helps digestion, improves sexual function and fertility, enhances libido and energy, promotes longevity, lowers blood sugar, prevents the onset of diabetes and reduces cholesterol levels.

Also effectively protects the immune system, building a robust body which effectively resists diseases and disorders.

Tips for proper consumption of Goji Berry also known as the berry of happiness:

The daily dosage of dried Goji Berries to receive the maximum possible beneficial antioxidant properties is 10 to 30 grams.
The best way to consume it in conjunction with other super foods, but also with yogurt, fruit or oats.

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