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Tartar is an acidic salt and has several uses, it helps to give more volume to the meringue and a more creamy texture in sugary desserts such as candy and ice cream.

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Adding to vegetables will help them not lose their color and texture when boiling.

It is used together with baking soda to pump up bread and pastries.

It can also be used as a home remedy cleanser if mixed with vinegar until a "paste" is created. It can also clean the lungs and help reject nicotine from your body.

The 5 benefits of tartar cream

1. Quit smoking: Despite nicotine cleanse, tartar cream also makes you dislike the smoke taste. Mixed with OJ is even better. The juice has vitamin C and flushes the nicotine that you lack from smoking. Mix medium glass OJ and ½ tsp tartar cream to drink daily for a month before sleeping.

2. Less hypertension: Low potassium makes hypertension. Tartar cream resolves this and in just 100 g of it, you get 16.500 mg potassium. This mineral deficit is responsible for pressure problems and you need to add 1 tsp tartar cream in glass of water, drink this before sleeping.

3. Less UTIs: This also resolves UTIs and pH of the urine issues, also removes bad bacteria and infections. In warm water a cup, put 1 and ½ tsp, some lemon juice drops and have this few times per day.

4. Less arthritis pain: In 100 g tartar cream you get 2 mg Magnesium and Dr. Sircus said this modulates cell work and inflammation issues. So this cream also helps in arthritis. Add a few tbsp. tartar cream and 3 tbsp Epsom salt in the bath, soak in this for half an hour 2 times per day. If the pain is local, use bucket and soak just the area needed.

5. No acne: The acidic benefits of this cream also clean the skin and fight acne. But, do not apply this directly, instead drink 1 tsp tartar cream and 8 oz water with OJ daily. This makes good detox and removes acne. See the video below to know more on tartar cream use.

Source: Natural Remedies Center

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