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All Time Granola (No added sugar)


All Time Granola (No added sugar)
Granola all time

All Time Granola (No added sugar)

A healthy breakfast to start or end your day with a light meal. It is fresh, handmade products without preservatives that perfectly retain their taste and nutritional value for many weeks, No added sugar

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Category: Nutrition

Related categories: Nutrition, Sports nutrition, Dukan - Keto - Paleo diets

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Do you want to regain your lost energy and at the same time keep your line? What could be better than the mixture of cereals, fruits and honey that fill us up and contribute to our good health.

Ingredients: 5-grain flakes slow-cooked with olive oil & honey, cranberry, papaya, coconut, pumpkin seed and green citrus.

Dosage: 2 - 3 tablespoons in milk or yogurt

Nutritional Declaration per 100g:

Energy value - Kcal (Kj):411.26 (1719.07)
Carbohydrates: 59 of which sugars: 35.81
Proteins: 7.31
Fats (total): 16.12 of which saturated: 4.65
Salt: 0.18

Keep it in an airtight space in a shady place is needed. They don't need a refrigerator. The enemy of texture and excellent taste of our products is moisture.

Everything starts with the raw ingredients - The GRANOOLA Laboratory Tells Us.

For products rich in what our body needs and free from anything that harms it.

~ we use genuine flower honey, never confectionary honey

~ olive oil, never palm oil or other trans fats

~ genuine chocolate with high cocoa content, never imitations

~ we include superfoods in many of our products

~ we never use preservatives or other additives

~ work with six flaked grains and avoid flour

~ we prefer nuts raw and whole

~ we use tahini and peanut butter from 100% fruit, without any additives

~ we do not use artificial sweeteners (vegan recipes are made with carob honey). We avoid sugar wherever possible

~ we try to include more and more ingredients of organic origin, more and more recipes for sugar free products

How do we eat granola?

Some ideas..

In a bowl: some milk or yogurt and granola. With so many types of milks and yogurts on the market, from fruit, coconut, soy, oat, there is an everyday bowl for us all.

~ We can cut some fruit on top, put a spoonful of peanut butter, almond butter, with such a variety we will never get bored.

Fresh fruit and granola: Smoothie and 2 scoops of granola.
~ We discover the crunchy bits inside the velvety texture. It is eaten with a spoon.

In a salad bowl: Green salad, cottage cheese or other soft white cheese and granola.
~ Every green salad comes to life with two spoonfuls of crunchy granola and becomes a nice dish on our table.

In a bag: Some granola and inside the bag. When will he get out of there? At the traffic lights on your way to work? At the office with a yogurt bag? In class with an apple? On the coffee boat? At the gym for some energy? We have our bag.

On a cheese plate: Everything we would put on our plate for a wine with friends, and a handful of granola. It acts as a base for the cheese, highlighting its aromas and fats.
We take bites with our fingers.

In a large glass : Let it be on the kitchen counter or next to the coffee maker in the office.
~ At the crucial time when we are looking for something to bite, it will be there healthy and tasty.
In a pillar glass: We will talk about ice cream. One can make strong temptations with ice cream and granola. Quick, impressive dessert, loved by children and adults.

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