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Common Ivy Carrier Oil

natural oils

Common Ivy Carrier Oil

Common Ivy Carrier Oil

The ivy oil (Hedera Helix) is considered the most effective oil for cellulite and is a powerful weapon for fat burning. It is also used to prevent spider veins.

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Category: Natural oils

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The main active ingredients are saponins of ivy (hederin and hederacosides), sterols (stigmasterol and sitosterol), polyalkanes (mainly falcarinol), flavonol glycosides (mainly rutin and kaempferol), tannins and carotene. The plant is often used in treating diseases such as dermatitis, burns, rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatic pain.

The Ivy was known in Greece from Homer's time and was called "Dionysios" because it was dedicated to the god Dionysus. The ancient Greeks crowned with ivy statues of Dionysus, poets and drinkers, because they regarded him as a symbol of immortality and antidote to the headache of drunkenness.

Extensive references to ivy makes Theophrastus in his work 'On History of Plants', and Dioscorides, who considers him a panacea for many diseases.

The ivy oil is the most effective oil for cellulite and localized fat, as it has the ability to dissolve the ydrolipodeis body areas. It works by reducing fluid retention and helping to remove them from the body. Often used in the manufacture of slimming products and prevent varicose veins.

Suitable for external use.

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