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Grapefruit Organic essential oil (BioLand 10ml)

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Grapefruit Organic essential oil  (BioLand 10ml)

Grapefruit Organic essential oil (BioLand 10ml)

For the hot summer days, add 5 drops of Grapefruit essential oil to 5 liters of cold water and enjoy a refreshing foot bath. Its aroma raises the mood.
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Category: Essential oils

Product code: 6126-1-1



Latin Name: Citrus paradisi

It is often used for anxiety, depression, anorexia, fever and a lack of concentration.

Combines well with: Honey, Mint, Tonka and Ylang Ylang varieties.

Grapefruit essential oil is extracted by distillation of the grapefruit peel from yellow to slightly greenish in color. It is remarkably tonic and rejuvenating and helps relieve depression and fight stress, anxiety and headaches.

Helps the body in cases of oily skin and stretch marks helps against acne, cellulite and muscle relaxation. It facilitates the elimination of waterfrom the body, the fights against obesity, and helps stimulate the muscles of athletes before exercising. / Dr. XN Hassiotis

Properties: Period Relief, Antiseptic, Anti-spasmodic, Nourishing, Aromatic, Stimulating, Diuretic, Tonic, Digestive.

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