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Cinnamon essential oil (BioLand 10ml)

natural oils

Cinnamon essential oil (BioLand 10ml)

Cinnamon essential oil (BioLand 10ml)

The aroma of cinnamon is warm and sweet. Use it to create a warm atmosphere at home and encourage inspiration and creativity. It is often used for colds, runny noses, coughs and rheumatism. Great for lice.

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Category: Essential oils

Related categories: Organic, Natural oils

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Cinnamon has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to treat ailments such as the flu and indigestion. The fragrant spice contains calcium, fiber, iron and manganese, and its bark contains various healing essential oils. It is distilled from the inner bark and leaves of the bush, which grows in N. India and Indonesia.

It has a strong, warm, sweet scent and must be diluted well because it irritates the skin. It stimulates the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. Ideal for lice and scabies. But because cinnamon doesn't limit its potential, when combined with ingredients like olive oil and brown sugar, it can literally do wonders in the beauty field and beyond.


~ For inhalations - If you have a cold and stuffy nose, put 2 drops of cinnamon essential oil in a bowl of hot water and inhale. At the same time, make sure that the vapors do not come into contact with your eyes, because they will irritate them. Therefore, make sure you have them covered with a towel.

~ Massage - In 100 ml of olive oil, add 1 ml of cinnamon essential oil and 2 ml of rosemary or orange essential oil. Massage the mixture all over the body to relax. If you have a cold and your tummy hurts, do a local belly massage.


~ Stimulates circulation

~ Improves respiratory

~ Regulates digestive function

~ Soothes skin diseases

~ Removes lice

~ Antiaging

~ Tones the lips

~ Works against acne

~ Offers cool breath

~ Acts exfoliating

~ Keeps ants away

~ Hemostatic

~ Antidiarrheal

~ Antiviral

~ Antimicrobial

~ Antifungal

~ Cold, stuffy nose

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