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Sage Essential Oil D3lta Spa 10ml

natural oils

Sage Essential Oil D3lta Spa 10ml

Sage Essential Oil D3lta Spa 10ml

D3lta Spa

Sage belongs to the most useful plants in natural medicine. The active ingredients concentrated in Sage Essential Oil are known to strengthen the natural defenses and improve endurance.

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Category: Αιθέρια Έλαια D3lta Spa

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For strong period pain: Cut a oiece of cotton so it can fit the navel and pour 2-3 drops of undiluted essential. Apply and let stand. For intolerable pain drink mint tea.

For hot flashes of menopause: Pour a drop in 5ml almond oil and apply the mixture to the chest and armpits.

For fluid retention and cellulite: Pour 3-6 drops on a scrub soap and massage in your shower.

Inhalations for colds: Pour a few drops of oil in a evaporator and relieve the stuffy nose. Recommended for people who follow a homeopathic treatment and can cover the use of mint.

Tonic tea: Pour 1 drop in a cup of tea, add some honey, stir and then add the hot water. Particularly beneficial for osteoporosis.

The use of sage is contraindicated in hypertensive people.

Not used on the skin undiluted.

Combines well with rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, bergamot and orange.

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