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D3lta Spa Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml

natural oils

D3lta Spa Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml

D3lta Spa Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml

The tea tree essential oil is known for its effectiveness against respiratory infections. Also used as an antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to combat acne and fungal infections of the feet and hands, but also as a deodorant as it is believed that neutralizes odor.

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Tea Tree is an all-around oil used a lot in Aromatherapy. It is a powerful remedy to treat skin problems and all sorts of infections. The smell is pungent, typically medicinal and herbal.

Tea Tree is very often combined with Conifer Oils and Lemon Oils to create synergistic and (more pleasant) blends. It can be used in a diffuser as an air freshener and is very effective in skin, body and foot care. Often used for acne, fungal infections and candida.


Treating fungal for sensitive areas: When it comes to sensitive areas used undiluted. Drip 3 drops of essential oil onto a cotton pad, baste it well with few drops of water and then spread each time you visit the toilet.

Ideal for the prevention of lice: Add a few drops to dry hair of your children and behind the ears before they leave for school.

Treatment response of fungi in the hands or feet: Add 2-3 drops of undiluted essential oil on the nails or skin and let minute to dry. Then apply with clean hands the deodorant cream (suitable for walking, fungi, odor) and let it act all day. Wash your hands thoroughly after each use to reduce the risk of transmission. Repeat the same procedure in the evening.

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