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Cretan Rue (Rue Officinale)


Cretan Rue (Rue Officinale)

Cretan Rue (Rue Officinale)

Rue is powerful medicine and small doses rule. It acts as an antispasmodic, emmenagogue and antitussive. Helps effectively regulate the menstrual cycle, which is used for restarting hindered menstrual flow. Increases peripheral circulation and reduces high blood pressure.

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Occasionally it has been used for the treatment of tuberculosis, syphilis, rabies, pharyngitis and mange these active ingredients in form and are volatile oils, flavonoids, alkaloids and routin.

In European herbal medicine used in the treatment of conditions of very different them as hysteria, epilepsy, vertigo, colic, intestinal worms, poisoning and eye problems.

It is probably best known for its effects on the female reproductive system.

Chemicals in the plant can stimulate uterine muscles.

The cold infusion of the herb is used for eye wash.

Pour half a teaspoon in a cup of warm water for 7-10 minutes, strain and drink.

Attention to use no more than two weeks

Stomach and intestinal (gastrointestinal, GI) problems: Rue can make existing GI problems worse. If you have any stomach or intestinal disorder, you have an extra reason not use rue.

Kidney and urinary tract problems: Rue can harm the kidney and irritate the urinary tract. If you have a kidney or urinary tract problem, you have an extra reason not use rue.

In foods and beverages, rue and its oil are used as flavoring.

In manufacturing, rue oil is used as a fragrance in soaps and cosmetics.

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