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Molasses Emelia (350gr)


Molasses Emelia (350gr)
Emelia melasa 350gr
Melasa emelia 1lt

Molasses Emelia (350gr)

As a really nutritious food, sugar cane molasses is a superfood, which in itself covers the broadest range of human needs in order for the human body to remain healthy. It is one of the most delicious molasses you can eat!

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However, each type of molasses differs depending on the quality of the sugarcane, the way it is harvested and how it is produced. Emelia is a molasses of premium quality, because it is not a product of distillation or processing, and is made from condensed juice of good quality sugar cane, based on the old traditional recipe of centrifuging and boiling at low temperature. This gives Emelia a one of a kind taste, while retaining all the nutrients of the plant that are indispensable and completely absorbable by the human body.

Thanks to its high iron content, it is beneficial and indispensable to people who have thalassemia trait or low hematocrit. It increases iron, ferritin and hematocrit values without damaging the liver. It eliminates the paleness of the face and of the face and dark circles around the eyes (caused by lack of iron and potassium) in 2 to 3 weeks, with a daily dose of only 2 teaspoons. It helps reduce hair loss caused by iron deficiency, while it helps with healthy hair growth, and prevents gray hair. It gives an immediate boost, to the body, while removing the feeling of fatigue.

It helps with osteoporosis and with the proper development of tissues and bones in children.

Ideal during pregnancy, breastfeeding and menstruation, when the woman’s body is in higher need of iron and calcium. It relieves the symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), headaches and fluid retention in particular. Acts as natural collagen because of its elastin content, and thus helps both the joints and the skin. It restores natural beauty, reactivating and improving skin turgor, that is, hydration of skin cells, and thus boosting their natural regeneration. It helps with acne and the healing of facial marks caused by it.

It shields the body with polyphenols, powerful antioxidants known for their anticancer activity, and has anti-inflammatory properties which help with rheumatoid arthritis.

It helps with eliminating toxins from the liver and the diseases associated with it, restoring the cells to their original condition.

It has expectorant activity, facilitating the clearing of mucus.

It helps with anorexia and prevents permanent hormonal and organic lesions, because it easily provides the necessary minerals that are missing from the body.

It stimulates memory and mental concentration, while helping with reducing stress thanks to its vitamin B6 and magnesium content.

It boosts libido, and helps with the treatment of erectile dysfunction and fertility.

Being used daily, it can give a solution to the problem of constipation.

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