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Βaking soda - Bicarbonate


Βaking soda - Bicarbonate

Βaking soda - Bicarbonate

Soda primarily used in cooking. Added in yeast reacts with the remaining ingredients of the food and produce carbon dioxide. For this reason it is used as a bulking agent. To achieve the desired effect of inflation is necessary and acidulants, for example yoghurt, lemon or orange juice, vinegar, etc.

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Category: Confectionery

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It comes in the form of white powder as "soda". If heated, baking soda releases carbon dioxide Coal and so if you put it in the cake it swells.

If the heat in the oven for a long time, "loses" carbonate groups in the above form and converted to sodium carbonate or washing soda otherwise.

Used as cleaning various surfaces, removes odors from various parts of the house, appliances, in laundry etc.

Used in meat to make it more tender. This technique is very common in Chinese cuisine.

In the preparation of tomato juice, soda is added to reduce the acidity of tomatoes.

Another application is in preparation pulses. Adding soda during which pulses are soaked efkolopepta and reduce the feeling of bloating after eating them.

The fresh-cut fruits prevent the tan of the surface by dipping in a solution of soda.

Dentifrices soda have whitening effect to the teeth.

Very good cleaning effect when we used soda for scrubbing or cleaning.

Solution of soda in hot water removes the blur of silver objects while soda removes stains from wine juice and coffee.

Widespread use has in pharmacy and cosmetics as an acne cosmetic.

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