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Μilk thistle tincture

natural oils

Μilk thistle tincture

Μilk thistle tincture

It helps regenerate the liver cells and helps against chronic liver cirrhosis. It is ideal during detoxification and particularly in cases of excessive consumption of alcohol as it has antioxidant properties. Reduces liver damage after chemotherapy and replaces the dead cells.
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Category: Natural oils

Related categories: Herbs

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Milk thistle is a therapeutic beverageand helps in various conditions such as cholesterol, liver cirrhosis, gall bladder, or hepatitis and cancer

The decoction of milk thistle eliminates toxins and radiation, cleans the body and helps to reduce the fat from the liver.

Scientific studies indicate the antitumor activity of the plant.
It has become known primarily plant for patients with liver diseases as well as the active ingredient of this plant is silymarin. The silymarin constituent is the most potent protective substance known for the liver, which is the whole plant thistle and used in several herbal medicine

For children 8-14 years: 5-7 drops of tincture in a little warm water or orange juice, 2 times a day

For adults: 10 drops of tincture in a little warm water or orange juice, 2 times a day

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