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Λάδι Κάνναβης 3% με Μαστιχέλαιο (PYTHOIL) (10ml) copy

natural oils

Λάδι Κάνναβης 3% με Μαστιχέλαιο (PYTHOIL) (10ml) copy

Λάδι Κάνναβης 3% με Μαστιχέλαιο (PYTHOIL) (10ml) copy

Hemp oil 3% CBD Full Spectrum Oil Pythoil is a completely natural supplement that contributes to the overall health, well-being, balance and homeostasis of our body. With daily use we give ourselves all the rich and beneficial benefits of the cannabis plant. The product is produced from 100% Greek flower

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Category: Natural oils

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An ideal natural supplement with strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties for any time of the day or night that will stimulate the immune system, regulating the body's homeostasis, giving us daily physical and mental well-being. A gift of nature and the Greek mother Earth for all of us.

Our bodies produce cannabinoids from the day we are born. Cannabinoids are responsible for the homeostasis and balance of the human body. It is necessary to strengthen it with the use of Cannabidiol (CBD OIL). The use of CBD oil is completely safe, does not contain any psychoactive elements and is not addictive. Thousands of people worldwide use CBD OIL every day.

It can effectively help a large number of diseases. It is a powerful nutritional supplement with necessary daily use to offer our body its multiple benefits.

CBD hemp oil full range of cannabinoids and terpenes combined with chlorophyll (anti-inflammatory effect), vitamins (A,B,C,E) and amino acids, actively contributes to the fight against pain, ensures a therapeutic effect and offers antioxidant protection and strengthening of our immunity systemic.

It is a miraculous oil that contributes with its multiple benefits to our overall health.

Shake well before each use.
You put the desired dosage under your tongue and hold it for 1 to 2 minutes without swallowing.
30 minutes before and after ingestion for best results it is not recommended to consume water and food.

Recommended use:

CBD hemp oil is not used by pregnant and lactating women.
In any case consult your doctor.

Therapeutic properties of Mastic and CBD:

~ Dyspepsia
~ Regression
~ Peptic ulcers
~ Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
~ Crohn's disease
~ Respiratory problems
~ Neuroprotective
~ Anti-epileptic
~ Anxiolytic
~ Antipsychotic
~ Analgesic
~ Anti-inflammatory
~ Various bacterial and fungal infections
~ Protects and strengthens the gums of the teeth
~ Protects against periodontitis
~ Improves blood circulation
~ Improves sleep and insomnia
~ Muscle spasms
~ Parkinson's disease
~ Anti-acne
~ Against anorexia
~ Chronic pain
~ Epilepsy
~ Glaucoma
~ Depression
~ High blood pressure
~ Heals wounds on the skin

It also helps:

~ In the fight against "bad" breath
~ Against drug addiction and drug addiction
~ Protects and strengthens the cardiovascular system
~ Contributes to the reduction of cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as it activates detoxification activity.
~ It has an anti-cancer effect, especially in types of cancer such as leukemia, adenocarcinoma, colon, prostate and lung

Exposure to mastic essential oil directly or indirectly affects

signaling pathways that regulate gene expression, cell proliferation and

~ "Since 2015, mastic has been recognized by the

European Medicines Agency as a natural medicine for gastrointestinal

diseases and the healing of skin diseases".AKM


The product should not be used: By people who are allergic to any of its ingredients

Keep the product away
• from sunlight, darkness and humidity.
• From children under 3 years old

Shake well before use.

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