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Henna red


Henna red

Henna red

Henna is an amazing herb that can cover the hair naturally, in many cases can cover gray hair. Not only it doesn't harm you but makes your hair softer, easier to comb, shiny, strong and rich.

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Category: Herbs

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Step 1: Put the quantity required of henna in a bowl (ceramic or glass).

Step 2: Mix the henna with lemon juice. To release the dye of henna, it needs to remain for some time in an acidic environment. That is why this pure henna powder should be blended with lemon juice (or orange), such as an acidic fluid (not water or yogurt). So, add to the powder in freshly squeezed lemon juice and mix it well so that the mixture becomes muddy. Instead of fresh lemon, you can add lemon juice from aa super market as long as it is 100% natural juice.

Step 3: Leave the henna into the lemon for 12-24 hours. Cover the mixture with a gelatin and let it rest, in order to allow the henna to release the pigment substance.

Step 4: Apply the henna on your hair. After passing the required time (3-4 hours or so) the henna is ready for direct application. Your hair should be freshly bathed and well-dried (dry or almost dry). They can be bathed from the previous day, but should not have any residual (gel, hairspray, etc.). With a large brush or with your hands (wearing gloves) start to apply the henna on your hair. Start from the lower layers and go to the hair surface.

The henna is viscous and can not easily penetrate the tufts of hair. For this you need to spread a large amount of henna and every hair strand. A practical solution to avoid splashing the henna everywhere, get into the bathtub.

Step 5: Cover your hair with plastic film. Gather your hair and cover it with a plastic film. Very practical is a cling film. Cut a large piece and cover your head from front to back and then a second piece and cover your head from back to front. Above the film, you can wrap a towel to develop higher temperature to the hair. The heat makes the henna more active, and occasionally you can heat your hair with hair dryer.

Step 6: Wait from 2-5 hours, unfortunately it has to stay a long time on your hair in order to act. You will have to experiment several times to find what is the best time period to wait for your own hair.

Step 7: Rinse with water. The henna wants enough water in order to remove from your hair. No need to wash your hair with shampoo and better to avoid it because the color of henna is stabilized even in the next few days.

Tip: If you find that white hair is not fully covered, then you need to increase the wait time of henna on your hair.

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