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Cretan horsetail (Equisetum)


Cretan horsetail (Equisetum)

Cretan horsetail (Equisetum)

Horsetail is used for “fluid retention” (edema), kidney and bladder stones, urinary tract infections, the inability to control urination (incontinence), and general disturbances of the kidney and bladder.
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Category: Herbs

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It helps in the absorption of calcium and prevents lipid deposition in the arteries. Reduces bleeding and heal wounds. Considered a special remedy in cases of inflammation or benign enlargement of the prostate gland.

Still used against osteoporosis, disorders of the lungs and kidneys, inflammation of the urinary system, ear pain, but also against skin disorders, eczema and acne.

It is also used for balding; tuberculosis; jaundice; hepatitis; brittle fingernails; joint diseases; gout; osteoarthritis; weak bones (osteoporosis); frostbite; weight loss; heavy menstrual periods; and uncontrolled bleeding (hemorrhage) of the nose, lung, or stomach.

Osteoporosis. Early research suggests that taking dry horsetail extract or a specific product containing horsetail extract plus calcium (Osteosil Calcium) by mouth can increase bone density in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis.

Use: Pour 1-2 teaspoons in a cup of hot water for 7-10 minutes, strain and drink. You can drink up to 2-3 times a day

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