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Soap with snail secretion Panacea Gold line (100gr)


Soap with snail secretion Panacea Gold line (100gr)
Sapouni gold line 1
Sapouni gold line

Soap with snail secretion Panacea Gold line (100gr)

The natural olive oil soap with snail secretion is the panacea for all skin types, even sensitive ones. Regulates oiliness and dryness. It is suitable for gentle cleansing of the face as well as for the body and hair. Friendly to the environment and the planet. Panacea3 soap contains the maximum concentration of Escargot de Crete secretion that can be used in soap without destroying its unique properties. 100% natural product
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Category: Cosmetics

Related categories: Cosmetics, Men's grooming, Women's care

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Cleaning - softness - protection - care. Friendly to the environment and the planet.

It is a product with amazing cosmetic properties. The snails of Escargot de Crete live in the natural environment of Crete and provide us with the strongest snail secretion in the world. This means that the Panacea 3 soap is not a simple cleaning soap but a necessary daily skin care and protection product.

After using it you will immediately understand that your skin will be soft and hydrated throughout the day.

All the amazing properties of snail secretion in one natural soap.

Panacea3 soap contains the maximum concentration of Escargot de Crete secretion that can be used in soap without destroying its unique properties. "Escargot de Crete Cosmetics" succeeds in this way in presenting a natural soap with amazing cosmetic properties, but also in protecting the consumers of its products from the side effects on the skin with the use of chemical cleaners.

The powerful secretion of Escargot de Crete manages to offer unique cosmetic properties in a soap for daily use. Enjoy from the first use, unique for a cleansing product, softness and hydration on your skin.
It cleans and disinfects naturally without side effects or allergic reactions, and without disturbing the natural balance of the hydrolipidic film or PH due to the presence of the secretion of Escargot de Crete in its ingredients.

In the hair, it has the ability to regulate its oiliness and dryness, to nourish the hair due to the rich keratin content of the secretion but also the presence in it of metal oxides, and at the same time to care for the skin of the head.
Panacea3 soap, due to the highest quality of the secretion it contains, achieves much higher concentrations of allantoin than many cosmetic snail secretion skin care creams on the world market.
Beneficial for problems with acne, dry skin, discoloration. It is the necessary product that precedes the treatment with the other Panacea3 products.

Finally, it is used with amazing results as a shaving foam. It makes the razor glide and at the same time cares for the skin protecting it from irritations, infections, and cuts in the most natural way.

We should all think this way: in our time of stress, the chemical environment we live in, the quality of our diet and the effects of these on our skin and on the other hand the huge need to protect and manage them with respect natural resources of the planet, created in Escargot de Crete the need to turn to the creation of Panacea3 olive oil soaps.

Many skin problems such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, etc. may seriously be due to the use of the wrong daily hygiene products. Rinsing off these products requires a high consumption of water, while nevertheless harmful residues remain on our skin. At the same time, these washes release all these dangerous substances into the environment and in various ways burden our quality of life.

At Escargot de Crete the correct use of our natural resources is of primary importance and for this reason the breeding of snails is based on biodynamic principles as you can find out in the section about our company.
Product uniqueness: The powerful snail secretion of Escargot de Crete ensures unique cosmetic properties in an otherwise simple olive oil soap and is a unique product with amazing results from the first use.
Way of use:

Use the soap for daily cleaning of your face, hands, body and hair and also as a shaving foam.

Wash with gentle movements and let the foam from the soap on you for 1 minute to act beneficially on the skin and hair. Rinse off. Be careful not to get it in the eyes and if this happens, rinse well with water.

Ingredients: Sodium olivate, aqua, snail secretion filtrate, sodium chloride

Snail secretion: 6% by weight
Excretory allantoin: more than 25 mg/Kg
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