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We4all is a Non-Profit Environmental Organization founded after the catastrophic fires in Mati Attica in 2018. It was founded to help the planet heal and remind people that the Earth is our home before it's too late.

The object of the organization are tree planting and reforestation, as well as the environmental education of children in schools.

We4all is an official partner of the UN in the reforestation program, it cooperates with more than 40 municipalities throughout Greece and its activity in Attica is under the auspices of the region.


instagram: we4all_official
facebook: we4allofficial

We4all's activities include:

~ Reforestation or Tree Planting Actions
~ Watering and caring for the trees we have planted
~ Protection of forest areas
~ Coastal and marine environment cleaning
~ Organizing events to bring together people with similar interests and vision
~ Organizing seminars and lectures in schools and other organizations to increase environmental sensitivity
~ We encourage people with leadership skills to create their own, local we4all team and actively do what they can to help and protect nature. We provide guidance and support to all who wish to become part of our family and help with our mission.

With every order you get the opportunity to plant a tree with us by making a donation to the We2all Organization. €1 = 1 tree

With your help so far we have planted together with We4all: 1228 trees, to be continued..... !!!